How to get from Lisbon to Porto

By airplane

The following companies fly from Lisbon to Porto on regular basis:

By Train

You can travel from Lisbon to Porto by train with CP. The travel takes approximately 3 hours.

You can consult the timetable and other important information in the following link:

CP- Comboios de Portugal

By Car

If you want to travel from Lisbon to Porto by car there are a few possible itiniraries that you can choose, check the following route planners with the different itiniraries :

Suggested Hotels in Lisbon

Hotel  Distance Website
Heritage Avenida da Liberdade Hotel 8 minutes walking distance Heritage Avenida da Liberdade Hotel website
Neya Hotels (4*) 13 minutes walking distance Neya Hotel website
Sana Lisboa Hotel (4*) 18 minutes walking distance Sana Lisboa website
Turim Marques Hotel (4*) 19 minutes walking distance Turim Marques Hotel website
Turim Lisboa Hotel (4*) 21 minutes walking distance Turim Lisboa Hotel Website

Dress Code

The dress code during the cadaver course is scrubs or casual (no shorts and sandals please) and closed-toe shoes.

You are welcome to change once you arrive for the course. We do ask that you bring your own scrubs.

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Pre-Meeting - Lisbon, Portugal

13-14 April 2018

Meeting - Porto, Portugal

15-18 April 2018