Suggested Hotels in Porto

Tourism in Porto is growing, as well as the interess in organizing events in this amazing city. For that reason we advise you to book your accommodation as soon as you decide to be part of the World Spine 8.
Here you can find some of the closest hotels to the Congress Venue. Please note that you have to book the accommodation directly with them. 

Hotel Distance Website
Porto Palácio Hotel (5*)  Sold Out
 Crowne Plaza Porto (5*)  2 Minutes Walking Distance Crowne Plaza Porto Website
Quality Inn Portus Calle (4*)  2 Minutes Walking Distance Quality Inn Portus Calle Website
Sheraton Porto Hotel&SPA (5*)  5 Minutes Walking Distance Sheraton Website
Hotel da Música  (4*) 10 Minutes Walking Distance Hotel da Música Website
Hotel HF Fénix Porto (4*) 15 Minutes Walking Distance HF Fénix Porto Website
Hotel HF Ipanema Porto (4*) 15 Minutes Walking Distance HF Ipanema Porto
Hotel HF Tuela Porto (3*) 15 Minutes Walking Distance HF Tuela Porto Website

Suggested Hotels in Lisbon

Hotel  Distance Website
Heritage Avenida da Liberdade Hotel 8 minutes walking distance Heritage Avenida da Liberdade Hotel website
Neya Hotels (4*) 13 minutes walking distance Neya Hotel website
Sana Lisboa Hotel (4*) 18 minutes walking distance Sana Lisboa website
Turim Marques Hotel (4*) 19 minutes walking distance Turim Marques Hotel website
Turim Lisboa Hotel (4*) 21 minutes walking distance Turim Lisboa Hotel Website

Trav. Álvaro Castelões, nº79, 2º andar-sala 9

+351 220 164 206

World spine 8

Pre-Meeting - Lisbon, Portugal

13-14 April 2018

Meeting - Porto, Portugal

15-18 April 2018